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The Next Big Thing In Personal Football Training

Personal Football Training

Football is a team sport played by eleven players on both teams. To have any chance of winning a game, a team has to find a way to play as a single unit, with each player doing their bits. Irrespective of that school of thought, each team needs individual players who can create game-changing moments; the defender who makes goal-saving tackles, the midfielder who slices through defences with pinpoint passes and the striker who has no problem putting the ball in the back of the net. These are the kind of players that catches the eye of scouts, the player’s fans sing their praises and the kind of players who goes home with individual accolades.

It is, therefore, a necessity for each footballer to make it a mission to become the kind of player who makes a difference on the pitch. Unfortunately, academy training simply does not create enough chances for players to develop themselves in the way they should. This is not to put down your local team, but the reality is that there is only so much they can do for you. Players desperately need private football coaching to complement their weekly club or academy training if they truly hope to become elite footballers.

What is Personal Football Training?

Personal football training is a customized training program that is optimized to improve a player’s technical abilities on a 121 basis. It is suitable for players of all ages, from academy footballers to top professionals. The idea behind getting a personal football trainer can be likened to the same reason schools provide private tutoring for students who are trying to improve their knowledge of a particular subject. A 1-on-1 training program affords players the chance to improve their skills, and technique, learn how to approach in-game situations as well as improve their mental and physical conditioning. Unfortunately, 2 to 4 hours of training every week cannot do much, mastery stems from intense practice and that is the kind of benefit having a personal football trainer provides you.

Kids Need Personal Football Training

In a digital age where kids spend plenty of time behind their phones and other electronic devices, how much time do they really put into practice to become better footballers? Unfortunately, street football has slowly died a natural death. It used to be the perfect avenue for youngsters to horn their skills. Some of the most highly-rated South American footballers have at one point or the other spoken of how much street football helped them to become better players. With all of that seemingly gone and with top academies providing less than 10 hours of training every week, there is a great need for parents to employ the help of personal football trainers to help their kids develop critical skills to improve their potential. As is with learning anything, the earlier the better. From the age of 5, a child is old enough to develop under a personal training program.

Benefits of Personal Football Training

  • Improving Player Potentials: As players continue their development and aim to become elite professionals, margins can reduce a bit as their level increases. At this point, they need expert personal football trainers who can help them work on specific areas of their game and polish their overall skill-set.

  • Improving Football Techniques: There is no gain in mentioning how much it is important for footballers to have a sound technical ability. This is why it might be a bit frustrating that team training does not provide enough opportunities for individual technical training. A personal football trainer can greatly improve a player’s first touch, ball mastery, ball striking, 1vs1 player domination, and turning techniques.

  • Focusing on Individual Player needs: As was earlier mentioned, football is a team sport. However, each team needs individual players to be at their best to become successful. Team training is not always sufficient to work on individual weaknesses, this is why a 1vs1 training is required to help each player to work on the part of their game that needs improvement be it speed, technique, power, agility, or on and off the ball movement.

If you’re looking for personal football coaching near Hertfordshire, Fusion football has all the expertise and experience to turn you into a footballing maestro. Fusion football offers an individual soccer training program for footballers of all ages and levels. Whether you’re an academy player, already a professional, an aspiring elite player or a released player, we have a private football coaching program that is personalized to suit your needs and help you become the player you need to be.

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