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"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence".

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Fusion Football’s Personal Football Trainers and Staff, are people who love the game and take it seriously. We want all our players to make real progress in the game, to excel beyond measure. That’s why we employ the best Personal Football Trainers and Staff. Why are we different from other training providers? Well, firstly we do what we say we can do! When we tell you that we can make you quicker, more skilful and generally help you to be the best player possible, that’s because we can. We simply do what we say we can do! Our staff have a proven track record of developing elite, aspiring and academy aspiring players of all ages We believe that every player achieves more when coaches look to improve themselves. We believe that our staff should constantly be upgrading their knowledge, by thinking outside the box and by implementing new ideas to our philosophy. We see Football as an evolving game. It will become more technical and even more physical in the seasons to come! Our staff at Fusion Football training helps to connect players with a new dimension to training technique and physical conditioning. We hope that your training journey with us leads to all-around improvement and an increased love of the game…

About Alex Maton

Personal Football Trainer and Small group Coaching specialist Alex Maton is one of the most sort after coaches in England. Alex spent a successful period at Tottenham Hotspur Academy and helped many players to progress into the first team. Having worked in elite football for over 15 years Alex has extensive experience coaching with professional clubs in London. Alex is an experienced Personal Football Trainer and specialist when it comes to Football Conditioning and skill development.

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As a coach, Alex combines both his practical and theatrical knowledge to transform the games of many players. Alex works with many professional and academy players who seek his help. Developing a well-rounded individual in terms of physical conditioning and football skill is vital to excelling in the game. Generally speaking, it is no surprise when we are told that footballers lack the individual support needed to become elite. Alex aims to address this, by giving his players individual coaching, individual support, individual analysis, and individual feedback leading to accelerated development.


In 2015 Alex graduated with a 1st class Sports and Exercise Science degree. During his last year at University, Alex specialised in 3D bio-mechanical motion analysis in football, and had various papers published with his findings. In addition, Alex holds the UEFA B Coaching Licence; REPS level 3 Personal Training Qualification, and enhanced CRB. Alex continues to develop his knowledge of advanced training concepts, skill accusation and program design.

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Who we have worked with

Being an expert in his field, Alex has travelled the world delivering both practical and educational training workshops to share his knowledge. Alex has worked extensively with: The Chinese FA, Icelandic Premier league teams, and MLS teams in both coaching and consultancy basis. Furthermore, Alex still has many links with clubs, and regularly helps recommend players to academies and full-time football.


18 Years Experience Training Elite and Professional Players

7 Years Coaching at Tottenham Hotspur FC

10 Years Head Coach at Fusion Football

Sport Science BSc 1st Class Degree

UEFA B Coaching Licence

FA Youth Award Module 3

Sports Psychology Certificate

Register of Exercise Professional Level 2 fitness instructor

Register of Exercise Professional Level 3 Personal Trainer

EXOS Advanced Strength and Power Qualified

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