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Our Training Program has been created through years of experience working with elite players.

About Our Philosophy

Fusion Football is more than just a coaching company. It’s a commitment to a lifestyle! There are no shortcuts to becoming a top performer in any sport, football is no exception. But with the right guidance, the right coaches and the right philosophy, it becomes possible to exceed your potential… Fusion Football is the answer! We provide all of our players with a tailored, challenging, development program. Our sessions are focused to improve both physical and technical aspects, used at the highest level of the game. We are Number One!

We are the leading provider of physical and technical football training for a reason! Premier League and academy players use our services. Our training is devised using the most up-to-date research, the highest tech training equipment, in the best facilities, under the supervision of the most experienced staff. Our philosophy is one of a kind. We aim to develop every player to be comfortable on the ball no matter what position they play in. We use the most scientific principles of training to enhance the performance of our players.

We use both SPT Player Tracking and Fitlight training systems in all our sessions. The reason why we are so high-tech is that it allows our staff to highlight areas of performance that need to be addressed. The data we capture is like our road map. We need to know how much training and in what areas is required for our players. We work with players who share our energy, vision and determination to become top players… We work with all players from youth level to full international.

Max Aarons Norwich FC (1).jpeg

Max Aarons
Norwich & England

"Having had a Brother Play international football, and two family members currently in the Premiership and Championship, as well as having my own Son in the Academy system for the last 8-eight years, I have been able to meet and see/watch many coaches. Over the years I have also been fortunate enough to come across what I would call a world-class coach. To create skill you have to push an individual just beyond their capability, Alex, therefore, is your man”

Hector Kyprianou Peterborough FC

Hector Kyprianou
Peterborough & Cyprus

“I have been training with Alex for 10 years. Alex has inspired and encouraged me all through my time with Tottenham Academy, and Leyton Orient and was instrumental in my recent move to Peterborough. I have gained skills, techniques and confidence and always look forward to training with Alex. Alex has become a friend and mentor to me and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Ruby Mace Man city Ladies

Ruby Mace
Man City & England

" Alex is a knowledgeable coach who trains at a fast pace, thus ensuring Ruby is working to her maximum at all times. Having individual training sessions with Alex has improved her confidence on the ball, her speed with the ball and her quick decision-making. As well as giving her the opportunity to work on individual strengths and weaknesses. She is beginning to develop different technical skills which she has bee able to implement in her game.”

Have you ever wanted to train like a pro? Fusion Football makes it possible to have a professional football training program, which is tailored by design. It doesn’t matter what your training goals are! Our sessions are structured entirely for you. We work to a vision; we work to see our players perform at the highest level possible… So whether you’re training to improve your passing, shooting, 1v1s, or physical components like agility, our sessions will help you progress to the next level. Our programs will make your game better than ever before. Fusion Football training programs are designed to help every player to be more creative, technical and physically superior. Our training programs make the perfect addition for any committed player!

During a regular training session with us, a player can have over 6000 touches of the ball… In a normal session at a professional club, players touch the ball around 300 times. We increase this by 2000%. Small-Group Training is also a great way to see accelerated learning opportunities with other players. The game is evolving! It’s becoming quicker, more physical and more technical than ever before. It’s time to start evolving. Start your training program today….